Re-approaching the Project Euler Problems: Uh-oh

This all happened one quiet Friday evening.

I was at my laptop happily working away on my new system for tackling the Project Euler problems, and had just got both PHP and JavaScript playing nicely with the Python script (one of many) that I had created, which takes all the data of the language, version, machine specs (OS, memory, that sort of thing). Success! Naturally I had written scripts in each of the 3 languages to tackle – where else to start? Problem 1.

Problem 1 asks you to find the sum of all the multiples of 3 or 5 below 1000, of course for this project I am taking it a bit further and finding the sum of all said multiples below x, but it defaults to 1000 if no value of x is provided.

When I hit enter on the JavaScript file for the first successful time my heart leapt with joy as it reported no errors. Then just as quickly that joy turned to suspicion, “that answer looks different to the one Python has been giving me, oh please don’t be”.

Now it doesn’t take a particularly keen eye to spot that something has gone very wrong with at least 2 of these, they’re not even just a little bit out from each other, the JavaScript one is over 100,000 more than the next highest, PHP! The question now is, which one is right? Or even, are they all wrong?

This could well mean that all the data I have been collecting thus far is useless. I mean, what good is knowing how long it took a particular script to give you the wrong answer?

And here I was thinking I’d get away without automated testing! *Sigh* yet another bit to add! One of these days I might actually start solving the problems themselves!

The much older and wiser Gavin from 20 minutes in the future: Get away without automated testing? What on earth were you thinking, Gavin? You go ahead and do what you want but I’m going to bed 💤.

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